We at Wwr believe responsibility, work ethic, character, and leadership are the traits of a true champion. Champions make themselves champions. We provide the resource for champions with their aspirations. Integrity excellence and teamwork are the core values of our company.  

World Wrestling Resource was made to assure that you as a wrestler, parent, coach, or fan can have access to all the necessary resources in the World of Wrestling. 

World Wrestling Resource has partnered with only the best wrestling resources available to offer it’s members.   

As a world wrestling resource member, your membership website includes instruction from Olympic, World, and National Champions. Terry Brands, Jon McGovern, and Dennis Hall work hard to meet the needs of every World Wrestling Resource member.  Special bonus guest clinician sessions with US Olympic Gold Medalists Randy Lewis and World Champion Tom Brands, Russian World Champion Manukyn Aghassi, U of Iowa NCAA All-American Ray Brinzer and other featured clinicians on the site. The site will continue to evolve and attract some of the very best wrestlers and coaches in the world adding more value to your membership.

Our mission is to establish on online website structure to provide quality opportunities for its members to achieve their full human and athletic potential as coaches and athletes, thus improving the quality of wrestling in the world in order to enhance the athletic, educational, and social experience of the participants, coaches, and fans.


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