WWR Podcast – Destructive Distractions with Wrestlers

WWR22: Andy Hrovat and Mike Powell tackle destructive distractions with wrestlers

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Starter_KitOlympian Andy Hrovat and renowned high school wrestling coach Mike Powell address distractions on Episode 22 of the World Wrestling Resource Podcast with host Jason Bryant.

Hrovat was a three-time All-American at Michigan while Powell was an All-American as a freshman at Indiana. Hrovat avoided negative distractions that often follow college life, but Powell didn’t and it ultimately led to him not getting back on the podium.

The two offer their perspectives on avoiding damaging distractions like partying, drinking and drug use, with Powell, it’s something he lived through and now shares his own story to prevent his wrestlers at Illinois powerhouse Oak Park and River Forest High School from making the same mistakes.

Distractions aren’t always limited to the use of alcohol or recreational drugs. Sometimes negative distractions can come from technology, smart phones and social media. Both offer their perspectives on dealing with different age groups and how to work through those challenges.

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