The importance of Freestyle & Greco Roman Wrestling

WWR Coach Terry Brands on the importance of Freestyle & Greco Wrestling

“Freestyle wrestling and Greco Roman wrestling are the pinnacles of the sport.

I know with the recent developments of the IOC’s decision to potentially eliminate wrestling from the program, there may be the question…

“Is it (Freestyle and Greco) really that important? I mean, are we in danger of losing the Olympic movement? Then, you know, what point is it for me to compete in freestyle or Greco Roman wrestling?”

Well, the answer to that is number one, wrestling people are a rare breed. They’re not gonna stop fighting to get their sport into the Olympic program. So it’s always going to be a part of that.

The other side of that is what freestyle brings to a wrestler. Period!

Whether you’re a wrestler that may only have aspirations to wrestle Division 1 wrestling or Division 2 or Division 3 or NAIA wrestling, it really doesn’t matter because what freestyle wrestling does is it provides what people would call an “off-season” program to compete in. To compete to get better at wrestling, to compete to get better at your technique, to compete to get better at your timing, to compete to challenge yourself in the areas where you’re maybe a little deficient in.

It’s a critical part of development.

And if you want to spin this another way, wrestling freestyle is really the “IN-season” because it is the PINNACLE of the sport. They ARE going to wrestle freestyle and Greco Roman in the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janiero.

So the NCAA tournament would be “out of season” and the high school state folkstyle tournaments would be the ones that are out of season. So really, you can spin that either way. And really, the best guys across the country are the guys that aspire to be great champions in the folkstyle when it’s that time, when it’s time to win the state tournament, when it’s time to win the NCAA tournament and then when it’s time to win the age groups for the freestyle events and the Greco events or to win the Olympic games in the freestyle or Greco events.”

Terry Brands on Importance of Freestyle & Greco

Terry Brands Talks To USA Wrestling About Junior/Cadet Freestyle & Greco Nationals
[Video] World champ and Iowa coach Terry Brands talks about Junior and Cadet Nationals
2-time freestyle wrestling world champion and Olympic bronze medalist Terry Brands of the University of Iowa talks to USA Wrestling about the importance of freestyle and Greco wrestling and gives his thoughts about why Junior Nationals & Cadet Nationals is a great wrestling event and what it does for the American wrestling program.

Coach Brands says, “It’s the feeder program into our Olympic Gold medals and world gold medals and it’s that simple. This is a great event and we (Iowa wrestling coaching staff) make it out here every year. The bottom line is that you need to be able to have a situation where you can develop athletes and this is how you do it right here. This is the pinnacle of the season. A lot of the guys and a lot of coaches, they use their state tournament as the last event of the year and in my opinion you’re thinking short-sighted. This is the pinnacle event of the year, no question.”

Terry Brands talks about how he encourages all wrestlers to continue wrestling throughout the year and in the summer and to wrestle in the Junior/Cadet Nationals and how just about all the wrestlers they recruit to the University Of Iowa wrestling program wrestle in this tournament.

Coach Brands also talks a little bit about his days wrestling in national tournaments at the junior level and wrestling international tournaments at the senior level.

Price Tag to be the best

“What’s the price?”
This is BY FAR the most common topic that the potential student asks about (but its not the most important).
The reason that this is a “dangerous” question is because the uneducated consumer will make their decision based solely on price rather than real value. Remember that age old rule: You get what you pay for.
Wrestling schools that are extremely cheap often have to sacrifice on service. In order to stay competitive as a business, they either have to cram lots of students into the program or they will cut corners in operations – usually they have a cramped facility (which can be quite unclean), unqualified and/or uncommitted part-time coaches, a lack of a highly structured, organized program, and the list goes on.
So keep that in mind when asking about price.
THIS is the important key question you really need to ask yourself, if you want to make the smartest decision on which wrestling club to join:
“What is the MOST important thing when choosing the right wrestling program for my child? Is price the most important thing to me, or is real VALUE?”
The best advice I could give you is this:
Do NOT base your decision solely on price.
Instead… Get The Most VALUE For Your Money!
Let’s face it, in today’s economy, we all want the most for our money. A truth that I have learned over the years is that the cheapest price is not always what we really want, wouldn’t you agree? I can tell you that when I ask people what they’re looking to get out of a wrestling program, nobody tells me, “Coach, I’m simply looking for the cheapest thing out there.” That says something right there: it’s true that value IS more important than price.
Most people look for three things when making an investment…
1. The Finest Quality
2. The Best Service
3. The Lowest Price
It’s quite rare to find a business that could provide all three: the finest quality and the best service at the lowest price. For your long-term happiness, which two of those three would you say are the most important? (Think back to what your goals are and what your child’s goals are.) Which one would you be most willing to give up if you had to?
Just some things to think about. If you’d like to discuss this with me, feel free to reply and bring up anything you’d like, or give me a call at 319-504-5052. I’d love to hear from you!
Here is my personal PROMISE to you:
If you decide to join us and become a member of Eastern Iowa Wrestling, I promise to give you the most value for your investment.  From Coach Kelly
I’ll leave you with a quote from 2-time NCAA Champion & 2-time World Champion Terry Brands:
“It was a natural transition into wrestling. It was a natural transition to be hooked into Coach Gable’s system and to be an Iowa Hawkeye. It was a natural transition. So yeah, I was lucky… I could have signed at Wisconsin for a full ride; I could have signed at Purdue for a full ride; I could have went into the military academy. But I chose to go to Iowa City, Iowa – for 25% of a ride – to carry forty thousand dollars of student loans, 15 years ago, because I wanted to be the best. And you can’t put a price tag on the best.”