Are your wrestling coaches qualified?

Are your Wrestling instructors qualified?
Let me tell you an unfortunate secret – Anyone can open a wrestling club, and not every wrestling club has the same goals or the same commitment level to the improvement of their students. Everywhere in the nation there are coaches who make false claims about their programs. Do not just sign up at any place because the coach claims that his school is the best. You need to take the time and research in order to find the out the credentials of who you will be learning from!
Take the time to research what exactly are the instructor’s credentials. Have they competed? Have they coached successful athletes who’ve won at the highest levels? What’s their story? What is their background outside of wrestling? What kind of reputation do they have?
If your child is going to be involved in the program, what is the background of his teacher/coach? Remember, if you want to be the best you have to learn from the best. For children, you want to find an instructor who will reinforce the proper values in your child.
But remember that no matter the credentials of the instructor, it does you no good if he can’t pass on that expertise, which takes us to tip #3!
#3 – Does the school produce winners?
Don’t take this the wrong way – there’s a lot more “richness” you can get out of wrestling besides “just” gold medals, and wrestling is about more than “just” competition BUT you want to make sure that what the athletes are learning works at all levels of wrestling, especially the highest levels.
Ask yourself, has this school produced any national champs or winning teams? A good wrestling program should have good students that are actively demonstrating expertise in their style just like a good medical school program should have practicing physicians and a good business school should have financially successful graduates. This is especially true for wrestling schools like Eastern Iowa Wrestling because every style taught (freestyle, Greco Roman, scholastic/high school/collegiate) has regular competitive opportunities.
All that being said, the development of the athlete and “the big picture” are more important than just winning “right now” and coaches of solid programs know when to compete and when not to. Being fully invested in the process is key, and the coaches who produce winners at the highest levels of the sport are surrounded by athletes and support systems who are all about the process.  For information about coaching with World Champion Terry Brands contact Coach James Kelly @ 319-504-5052

Choosing a Wrestling Club for your child

Choosing a Wrestling Program/Club for your child.

Here’s what could be considered the #1 question you need to know before choosing a wrestling program to enroll your child into…

#1 – Do your goals, your child’s goals, and the school’s goals match?
Whether you want to be physically fit, learn wrestling skills, or train for the World Championships, the school should allow you to set your own goals and help you achieve them (or at least be able to send you to a school that does).
You don’t want to be forced into any hard, intense wrestling if you really don’t want to AND you don’t NOT want to be wrestling hard if you want to. This is why knowing what you want is so important!
If your child has a serious goal of becoming a world champion, then attending a wrestling school that isn’t structured to produce champions at the highest level – the world level – is not going to cut it. You need to find a program that wants to produce world and Olympic champions; you need to find a program that will give your child the best opportunity to become a world and Olympic champion IF that’s what your child wants to do (or even if he thinks that’s what he might want to do). On the other hand, if you just want something easier, there are plenty of wrestling programs out there that won’t hold their athletes to a high standard of excellence.
To explain further, the STANDARD is the maybe most important thing – upholding a certain standard and making sure we are committed to doing what’s right for the young athlete involved in the program, no matter what stage of his life he’s in. At Eastern Iowa Wrestling, we’ll be working with young individuals, and maybe some of them won’t be sure what they want to do as they get older; maybe some students just want to give wrestling a try… and you know, that’s fine; that’s great! But the standard has always got to be there, no matter what, if these kids are going to have success at the highest levels of the sport… and you better believe it carries on through to everything else in their lives, too!
If you know what benefits you’d like your child to get from a wrestling program, then you need to be absolutely sure the club you enroll your child in can give your child those benefits. And maybe your child has certain goals, ambitions, or a list of benefits he’d like to get? Can the school give your child the best opportunities to allow him to fulfill his goals and get your child what he wants?

If you want more information about the Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club featuring Terry Brands contact Club Director James Kelly  @ 319-504-5052

Wrestling Mindset

World Wrestling Resource will be working with Wrestling Mindset


*Complete Mindset Program

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*4 Team Workshops

(1) Self-Analysis (Individual Checklist & Coaches Inventory)

(2) Confidence

(3) Competing in the Present Moment

(4) Relaxing Under Pressure

*Coaches Mindset Guide

Practical steps coaches can take to bring out the best in their wrestlers.


(1) Peak Performance Training

A systematic program to improve each athlete’s mindset through consistent exercises. Two Workshops each month reviewing worksheets on the 7 Mindset Skills:

* Goal Setting

* Mental Toughness

* Motivation

* Relaxing Under Pressure

* Present Moment

* Confidence

* Clarity

(2) Student-Athlete Mentoring

One-on-one consulting with former Ivy League athletes who can relate to the demands of college life. Athletes learn strategies to succeed academically, athletically, & socially.

* Time Management

* Career Planning

* Balancing Academics/Athletics/Social Life

* Dealing effectively with parties, dating, & substances

* Setting personal boundaries & standards of behavior

*Ongoing Consultation

One-on-one individual Counseling with Wrestlers, Coaches, & Parents throughout the season.

Terry Brands on Youth Wrestlers Development

Parents helping children with their Goals

Take a minute to think about what your goals are as a parent with regards to your child’s development as an athlete and as a person, along with what benefits are you looking to get out of your child’s training here, and write them down.

Then, talk to your child and see what he’s looking to get out of a wrestling program and what he’d like to do with wrestling in the future, and write all that down as well.
This goal-setting is a common characteristic of successful people and a coaching tool we have had a lot of success with. It’s also SUPER IMPORTANT that you know what you are trying to achieve so you can select the right wrestling program for your child.
Does your child ever think to himself…
“I want to learn to wrestle better.”

“I want to take my wrestling to the next level.”

“I wish I could get in better shape.”

“I want to become a champion wrestler.”

“I want to become more self-disciplined.”

“I want to start a new fun activity.”

As a parent, do you ever think to yourself…
“I want to give my child the best opportunities in life.”

“I want my child to have an advantage over others.”

“I want my child to have the most success possible in the sport he loves.”

“I want to give my children a head start in life and put them in the best possible positions to achieve the goals they desire.”
These are few of the goals that I hear all the time as a coach. So take a second, think about what pushes (or pulls) your child to start training and write it down!

For more on joining Terry Brands or his youth Wrestling Club contact James Kelly @ 319-504-5052

WWR Fundraising for your Wrestling Team/Club

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We at Wwr believe responsibility, work ethic, character, and leadership are the traits of a true champion. Champions make themselves champions. We provide the resource for champions with their aspirations. Integrity excellence and teamwork are the core values of our company

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WWR International Wrestling Tours

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Sabira Alieva wins Junior World Championships for Azerbaijan

ZAGREB, Croatia (August 8) – Former European champion Sabira ALIEVA (AZE) brought the curtain down on Female Wrestling at the Junior Wrestling World Championships with Azerbaijan’s second-ever gold medal in the women’s events and first since 2010. Alieva battled six minutes with reigning European junior champion Anzhela KATAEVA (RUS) for a 13-5 victory at 72kg at Dom Sportova arena to join 2010 champion at 44kg Marziget BAGOMEDOVA (AZE) as the second junior women’s world champion from Azerbaijan. Asia junior champion ALTANTESTEG Battsetseg (MGL), meanwhile, turned away world student bronze medalist Tatyana KIT (UKR) 55kg to give Mongolia a gold medalist at the junior world meet for a third year in a row. ERKHEMBAYAR Davaanshimeg (MGL) won Mongolia’s first gold medal at 51kg in 2012 and SUKHEE Tserenchimed (MGL) followed with a second gold at 59kg last year in Sofia. Returning world champion Yu MIYAHARA (JPN) bagged Japan’s fourth gold medal of the championships and helped lead the Japanese to the women’s team title. Japan scored 57 points from four champions and a pair of bronze medalists. Russia had two champions, a silver and a bronze medalist for 45 points and second place, while Azerbaijan was third with 33 points, one gold medalist and two bronze medal winners. The fourth gold medal of the evening went to Lyubov OVCHAROVA (RUS) who trapped last year’s senior world bronze medalist Ekaterina LARIONOVA (KAZ) on her back after a failed throw and held of the fall. Wrestling continues Saturday with action in Freestyle categories 50, 60, 74, and 96kg. Preliminary rounds and repechage will be wrestled from 10:00. Medal finals and awards ceremonies will begin at 18:00. Female Wrestling 48kg Returning champion Yu MIYAHARA (JPN) scored off a low single before the break and added a single-to-double combination in the second period to sew up a 4-0 over Asian junior runner-up XIE Ya (CHN). In the bronze medal bouts, Milana DADASEHVA (RUS) came out of a late scramble with two-point exposure against European junior runner-up Evin DEMIRHAN (TUR) and then held on for a 9-7 win. Mamta MAMTA (IND) locked for arm-and-leg control and dropped 2011 cadet world silver medalist NAMUUNTSETSEG Tsogt-Ochir (MGL) to her back twice on her way to a 11-1 technical at 3:37. Female Wrestling 55kg ALTANTSETSEG Battsetseg (MGL) scored on a series of go-behinds and stymied Tatyana KIT (UKR) with her quickness and strength while forging a 10-0 technical fall at 5:19. Former cadet world champion Nanami IRIE (JPN) scored with a knee pick takedown against WANG Xuejing (CHN) and covered for the fall at 2:43 for the bronze medal. Solmaz HASHIMADA (AZE) built up an early five-point lead, but needed a late double-leg takedown to hold onto a 9-6 win over Amber MASCHKE (CAN) for the other bronze. Female Wrestling 63kg European junior bronze medalist Lyubov OVCHAROVA (RUS) opened with a bear hug and when two-time Asia junior champion Ekaterina LARIONOVA (KAZ) attempted an arm trap and back-arching throw, Ovacharova step to the side for the block and pressed for the fall only 46 seconds into the championship bout. Asian junior runner-up BURNEEBAATAR Nyamgerel (MGL) landed on top of a missed lateral drop by Elmira GAMBAROVA (AZE) and pressed the European junior silver medalist for the fall at 5:57 and the bronze medal. Kiwa SAKAE (JPN) scored a pair of go-behind takedowns against Pan American junior champion Temitope OGUNJIMI (CAN, pj1) and nearly had the fall at the end of regulation time, but still earned the bronze with a 9-0 decision. Female Wrestling 72kg Sabira ALIEVA (AZE) scored a four-point drop early and held a 9-0 only one minute into the final, but reigning European champ Anzhela KATAEVA (RUS) continued to battle, eventually in a losing cause, 13-5, to the 2013 European champion. Asian junior silver medalist Zhamila BAKBERGENOVA (KAZ) landed on top of an attempted counter throw by 2012 world bronze medalist Gamze DURUKAN (TUR) for four points and cruised to a 9-6 win. Victoria FRANCIS (USA) worked half a dozen forward breaks and go-behinds while fashioning a 16-6 technical fall at 6:00 over Francy RADELT (GER). Radelt had a big tackle going out of bounds for a brief 5-4 lead. 48kg

GOLD: Yu MIYAHARA (JPN) df. Xie YA (CHN), 4-0

Semifinal: Yu MIYAHARA (JPN) df. Evin DEMIRHAN (TUR) by FALL, 5-0
Semifinal: Xie YA (CHN) df. Mamta MAMTA (IND), 6-0 

GOLD: Altantsetseg BATTSETSEG (MGL) df. Tetyana KIT (UKR) by TF, 10-0
BRONZE: Nanami IRIE (JPN) df. Xuejing WANG (CHN) by FALL
BRONZE: Hashimzade SOLMAZ (AZE) df. Maschke AMBER (CAN), 9-6

 Semifinal: Altantsetseg BATTSETSEG (MGL) df. Nanami IRIE (JPN), 8-2
Semifinal: Tetyana KIT (UKR) df. Hashimzade SOLMAZ (AZE) by FALL, 4-0 

BRONZE: Kiwa SAKAE (JPN) df. Ogunjimi TEMITOPE (CAN), 9-0

Semifinal: Liubov OVCHAROVA (RUS) df. Burneebaatar NYAMGEREL (MGL) by FALL, 4-0
Semifinal: Yekaterina LARIONOVA (KAZ) df. Kiwa SAKAE (JPN) by FALL, 4-0 

GOLD: Sabira ALIYEVA (AZE) df. Anzhela KATAEVA (RUS), 13-5
BRONZE: Victoria FRANCIS (USA) df. Francy RADELT (GER) by TF, 16-6 

Semifinal: Sabira ALIYEVA (AZE) df. Zhamila BAGBERGENOVA (KAZ) by FALL, 6-9
Semifinal: Anzhela KATAEVA (RUS) df. Francy RADELT (GER), 10-6