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Give your athletes the very best wrestling training and technique resources for one low price. Package includes:

Year-long memberships to Volt Athletics AND World Wrestling Resource for your team
Over 100 wrestling-specific, individualized workouts for each member of your team
Tracking and metrics to measure your athletes’ training progress and keep them accountable
Access to WWR staff (Terry Brands, John McGovern and Dennis Hall) via weekly live conference calls and Q&A sessions
Scholastic, Freestyle and Greco Roman practice planners
Full access to over 2,200 wrestling technique and training videos
$1,500 for the year ($2,500+ value)

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This unique feature allows coaches to write notes to their wreslters that will show up on the workouts. Use it to inspire your wrestlers with quotes, instruct them on changes to the wrestling practice schedule, or dictate their speed training for the day.


The Volt training philosophy centers around building explosive wrestling. Each workout begins with an explosive movement designed to activate the central nervous system and recruit Type IIb muscle fibers.


It doesn’t matter how strong or powerful an wrestler is if they are sidelined with an injury. Every Volt training program prioritizes injury prevention and features a dedicated section of sport-specific injury prevention movements during each training session.

This site allows teams and wrestlers for individualized custom made strength training programs to fit the needs of your wrestling goals and season.

Wrestling Strength Periodization Cycling Phases 

Every Volt training program is properly periodized to take a wrestler through a variety of distinct phases and training cycles. Based on the timing of your season, Volt creates a year-long training calendar that provides the perfect structure for your workouts.  The intensity of each workout varies over time between different periods or “phases,” peaking wrestlers performance at just the right time in their wrestling season.  GPP phases (gradual progression phase, hypertrophy phase, strength training, power, and unload phases are cycled in at the right time of the season to allow for peak power & strength.  Low-intensity Unload weeks are periodically scheduled to allow time to rest and recover, keeping athletes healthy and avoiding overtraining.

Instructional Videos                                                                                                 Instructional videos provide a visual step-by-step guide to ensure proper technique and safety while lifting.

Get your Wrestlers & team culture on the team to “Buy In” to Strength Training Starting the WWR “Volt” strength training program for wrestling can be exactly the shot in the arm your wrestling team needs to get excited about strength training. Wrestlers love technology and the “WWR Volt Strength Training for Wrestling”  is the newest cutting-edge training tool that your wrestlers will get excited about. We also help to create a competitive atmosphere within your team by showing the wrestlers how they stack up to their teammates. But ultimately, gaining complete buy-in and building a positive team training culture is your responsibility as a wrestling coach. Volt can help, but it is YOUR leadership and enthusiasm that are the most important factors in getting your wrestlers excited about training.

Our WWR online strength & conditioning files contain an ongoing development of strength & conditioning programs including several used by Dennis Hall’s Olympic Training program that allow wrestlers and coaches see what it takes to compete and strength train at the highest level in wrestling.   Become a member of World Wrestling Resource today and have access to folkstyle, freestyle, & greco roman training programs for wrestlers from 1st grade to Olympic level of wrestling.  To gain WWR Membership access click here now!

All WWR members can also access the  WWR promo code (WWR2014).  All WWR members who sign up using that code will have access to a WWR-specific Volt platform and a discounted rate of $20/month ($5 off). Register here @ VOLT WWR Special: https://app.voltathletics.com/user/register/individual/wwr2014

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